I’m just a gal in her 40’s who tries to do yoga more often than she drinks wine.

What lights up my chakras is spending time with my friends (preferably before or after yoga) gabbing about … our favorite classes, our raging hormones, our achy [fill in body part here], and the latest and greatest ways to eat, move and heal (“I didn’t know coconut oil could be used for THAT!”).

That’s why I created this site. So we can share and learn about topics relevant to us — the not-young-not-old-oft-ignored 40+ yogis.

My practice initially started as a way to combat the stress of a corporate job and the grief of losing a parent. Now, I practice and teach to achieve balance and embrace the everyday joys of life.

I am a RYT-500. These days, my teaching and my personal practice focus on alignment and cultivating a balanced nervous system (hatha, restorative, yin) and therapeutic needs (yoga for survivors and gentle classes).

I also teach yoga for golfers – seriously, where is there a bigger need for mind-body connection than on the golf course?


Formal bio

Kathy Baum, RYT-500, is a middle-aged yogi teaching, practicing and writing about yoga. Her instruction includes both an appreciation for challenge and an embrace of modifications, and she encourages students to find the balance between the two.

Kathy’s writing has appeared in elephant journal and YOGANONYMOUS. She teaches hatha, gentle, therapeutic, and restorative styles. She is also certified to teach Yoga for Survivors® and Yoga for Golfers™.

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