POTW: Après-ski Hip Relief

If sitting down on the couch after a day on skis or snowshoes has you in tears, or your legs are shaking too much to walk to the hot tub for your end-of-day soak and cocktail, relieve fatigue in your hip flexors and thighs in just six minutes with this stretch:

Lie with your back on the floor, knees bent and prop your hips up on a yoga block or a rolled up towel. Make sure the prop you are using is at the base of your spine and not too high up on your back (it should be just above your tailbone).

restorative yoga supported bridge pose

Lengthen your right leg on the floor and bring your left knee into your chest. (If this feels uncomfortable on your low back, keep your left foot on the floor.) Hold for 2 minutes, switch legs, and hold the second side for another 2 minutes.

psoas stretch

After you’re finished, relieve fatigue in your legs by reaching both feet up into the air, legs as straight as you can but a slight bend in the knees is OK. Hold the legs up in the air, lightly, like they are floating in water, for another 2 minutes.

legs up the wall yoga pose

You’ll be good as new and ready to hit the slopes again tomorrow.



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