hiking hips

Tight hips?

If you have spent most of the summer playing – hiking, biking, running, SUP, golf, tennis, gardening, or traveling by car or plane – you have probably given your hip flexors a run for their money. And if you’ve been stuck inside the office (cue sad face), your hip flexors are overworked too.

To find relief, lie on your back with a block placed at the base of your spine on the low setting. If your booty is hanging off the block, move it closer to your feet so both hips are supported.

Keep one knee bent and straighten the other leg out long on the floor to stretch your hip [figure 1]. To deepen the stretch, bring your bent knee into your chest [figure 2]. Stay here for 8-10 breaths. Switch sides.

Deep psoas stretch hip flexor

Figure 1

psoas stretch

Figure 2

Images shot at The REBEL Workout in Denver.

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