This post is not about yoga exactly, but it is about self-worth and respect and doing the right thing (which, we learn through yoga, so in a way, this is about yoga after all).

Erin Andrews trial

I intently followed the Erin Andrews trial. If you don’t know, a stalker requested a hotel room next to Andrews and secretly video taped the sportscaster in her room (nude, of course), and posted it to the internet. Andrews was awarded $55 million in her suit against the hotel and the stalker.

To add insult to injury, the defense attorney implied that Andrews’ career benefitted from the video when he questioned her on the stand. (Of course, if a video improved her career, why sue, right?) It’s a case of the classic blame-the-victim game.

That a stalker even did this, and that the incompetent and negligent hotel contributed, is a travesty. But what I am also disappointed in is the fact that the video has been viewed MILLIONS of times. Millions.

There is a huge difference between someone who chooses to share photos of themselves (I’m looking at you, Kim Kardashian) and someone who is videotaped without their knowledge and publicly humiliated.

How can we create a more kind society, where we respect other human beings and their choices?

It is overwhelming. But it starts with one person at a time. I am not naive and I don’t think this will solve all of our problems immediately. But weaving a fabric where people inherently know, deeply, how to be kind to others — even when no one is watching and you are anonymously surfing the Internet — matters.

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