supported bridge pose

supported bridge

I have been saying this for what feels like forever — active exercise is necessary and has tremendous benefits. But REST is equally as important. With all of the sweating and flowing going on in yoga studios, you might not notice the quiet movement of restorative yoga. But that is changing.

The Daily Beast writes, “The secret to a long, healthy life may have more to do with how much, how often, and how well you relax each day, than how many steps you take.”

Our stress response system takes a beating each and every day. Our bodies must have time to restore and repair, or we will pay the price.

From the article: According to April Reiersen, a New York City-based family nurse practitioner with a holistic specialty and a 500-hour registered yoga teacher with training in restorative yoga:

“‘It’s a recalibration of the body’s physiological response to stress, away from reactive patterns that lead to chronic activation of the sympathetic nervous system—rapid heart rate, rapid breathing, tense muscles, and slow digestion,’ Reiersen says in an interview with The Daily Beast.”

Read the full article here, and find a restorative yoga class near you ASAP! Until then, here is a pose to try at home, no fancy equipment needed.

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